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Monday, March 14th, 2005
3:09 pm
Hey Sims fans!! I've been playing like a mad woman lately :) I just bought the University expansion pack for Sims 2. it's pretty cool. The Nsync boys are going to college!! YAY them! Joey is studying drama and loves to have pillow fights with JC. Lance and Chris are very flirty with each other, so that's kind of fun. Lance is majoring in physics. Chris is undecided. JC is majoring in drama as well, but I think I'll make him go the music route :)

I'll post a picture of two from the game of them playing hack-sack and having pillow fights. OH so much fun!!!
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
10:14 pm
i was wondering how do i put nsync on my sims?? b/c i love the sims and i really love nsync so how cool is it to put them together!! so help me please! thanx

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9:34 am
And I am again addicted to Sims. Like bad. I might need to have my lovely roommate hide the cd for a few days. I dreamt that my life was like sims last night. Not like really like sims - everyone was human not cartoon. But I decided to make mom and dad's house bigger and it was just like sims. I went outside, had a mouse in my hand and clicked where the new walls should be. Actually it was quite a funny yet weird dream, but definitely a sign I'm playing too much. But it's just SO MUCH FUN!! My Nsync Sims haven't been doing much lately. Lance spits on everyone that walks by his house. He's really not very pleasant!

Have any of you played Sims2 yet? It's so much fun and even more addicting. It's much more life-like. And all the cool downloadable stuff. I'm too excited about it all. So excited that I think I'm going to make some icons of my characters. Especially of the Chris and Joey cuddling...cuz how cute is that!
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
12:16 pm
My sim does the Lance Dance!!!

Sunday, September 26th, 2004
9:19 am
I think I might actually play sims a little bit today. Life has not given me a chance to play for a long time, but today, damnit...I'm playing!
Friday, August 13th, 2004
5:58 am
Sims update!
Figured it'd be most helpful if I put this here where people who might want to use it have a better chance of seeing it. :)

Fun times! I found a site that has a hacked fridge, stove & food processor that allows kids to cook. The hacked fridge also comes with additional food options! I don't know about my poor sims, they don't seem to have complained, but even *I* am tired of watching them eat the same thing day after day.

I can't wait to see how this works once I install it.

They also have a hacked hot tub that kids can use! :)

The site is: http://www.c-and-c-enterprises.com/
The kids hot tub is under the "Pets & Kids" section of downloads, and the hacked fridge, stove, and food items are under the "regular simmie's" section (you have to scroll a bit).
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
9:34 am
Starting over with my new families (after my game crashed & took everybody with it).

JC & Justin started out as Hackers. It was an especially good career for Justin because he loves to come home and play chess (logic is a key component of the Hacker profession). It was not such a good career choice for JC, because he loves to paint (creativity is *not* a key component of the Hacker profession). Then one day, I had Justin stay home from work so he could work on his friends & skills needed for his next promotion. Unfortunately, the next day he got delayed on his way out the door to his carpool, and missed his ride. Being late 2 days in a row, he was fired. He got a new job right away though, as it worked out it was the Entertainment career that had an opening. The next day I looked in the paper to see if there was career more appropriate to JC's love of painting, and there was! So, now JC's a musician. I'm still waiting for a career that will take advantage of Justin's love of logic. I'm thinking Scientist, or Hacker. I'm hoping for Hacker. That was good field for him.

Since JC & Justin are set in their careers (or relatively set, anyway), they decided it would be a perfect time to adopt a baby. It's a baby boy, that they've named Scott. I'm personally hoping Scott will grow up into a very nice, very neat little boy who will love nothing more than to clean the house and make lots of friends. JC cleans up after himself most of the time, but Justin isn't the neatest person in the world. ;)
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:15 pm
Lance & Justin Lamb are poor. I want them to have nicer stuff. But it's boring for me to cheat, so I'm having them try and make friends. Justin invited Nick (Carter) over, and they're happily chatting away.

Then Chris was wandering through the neighborhood right when Lance got home from work (Justin stayed home today), and Chris and Lance were talking and slowly building up a friendship (they hadn't met each other before now).

It looks like Justin's the jealous sort, because all Chris and Lance have been doing is talking but nonetheless Justin has felt the urge to cut his own conversation with Nick short so he could go over and slap Chris.

Slap him? All they've been doing is *talking*! Methinks Lance is going to have to have a talk with Justin later this evening. Nope! Justin was exhausted and went straight to bed. After being slapped, Chris cried and went home.
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Monday, July 19th, 2004
6:59 am
The Lambs have both been promoted to Wedding Singer, and arrived home today in matching powder blue suits. They looked absolutely adorable!
Justin arrived home, looked at the new wildflowers that were planted out front, decided he did *not* like them, and promptly went inside to watch tv.

Lance had to think about it for a bit, but eventually decided to watch tv on the couch with Justin. Lance doesn't like the new flowers either.

However, this is the first house I've had where the layout got better than 4 marks (I think it's at 5 or 6).

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
11:03 pm
She told me we'd see forever
Cross-posted in tallories... here's the latest on my boys.

Sims update...Collapse )

I love this game. :)

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
10:20 am
Silly, me I keep forgetting to post these things here in this community where people are more apt to be interested in them.

I have managed to find a place online where one can download an object. This isn't just any object. This object is an adoptable baby!
No more waiting around for the phone to ring for those families that consist of 2 men or 2 women, or single parent families.
I'm about to go have JC & Justin adopt a baby girl! They already have 2 adopted sons, but I want them to have a daughter or two... and I'm tired of waiting for the phone to ring!

It shows up in the 'miscellaneous' section and you place it where you want and it starts just as it would as if you'd just gotten off the phone and accepted an invitation to adopt a baby. You still don't get a choice of gender, though.

I found this one at a site where it didn't cost any money within the game, and they didn't require any donations of money by me outside the game to download the item.

It's through a yahoo group, for some reason. ::shrugs::

ETA: It'd help if I got this posted to the right community instead of to my personal journal again. Doh!
Monday, June 28th, 2004
5:48 pm
Figured I should post about this here, since this is where the people are who might be interested.

Had a *weird* problem with my Sims. The 2 kids were wearing wizard hats and both had the same heads & icons, and both them and the grownups had black hands. And when the grownups went to take a bath, their bodies were gone... just this blank white space (but they still had their heads and their black hands).

I found programs that let one change the clothes of sim you are currently playing with (it lets you change all of the clothes, from the pj's, to swimsuit, formal wear, and everything in between), and another that lets you change the skin tone, gender, head & icon, and etc (basically everything the other program doesn't).

The first program is called SimWardrobe, the other is called SimMetamorphoser. I found them both at this site. However, you have to register to download stuff there (it's free though), and the free servers have an obnoxiously long wait time (I had to wait 60 - 90 minutes for my downloads to start).

These 2 programs are *very* small. Even when their sizes are combined together it's still less than 1MB! (960KB to be exact)

I'll be happy to email them to whoever wants them.

Just comment with your email address, and which one(s) you want and I'll attach the program(s) in an email to you.
The programs will be in a zip file, since I don't like sending attachments that are nothing but .exe files.
Monday, June 21st, 2004
6:38 am
Hee!! Joey & Kelly just had a new baby! It's a girl!! My first girl baby of the entire damn game! I can't wait to decorate the room & pick out the clothes. But, first I have to get through those tortorous days of infancy. Which has since been accomplished! Brihana, has spent this past evening playing with JC & Justin's adopted sons Randall & Scott. She was there until about 11 o'clock at which time Kelly appeared at the door. All the grown-ups were asleep, so Randall answered the door, Kelly came in and went straight up to Briahana and said she and come to collect her since it was way past bedtime.
Randall did the same thing the other day when he was visiting Brian & Briahana at Joey/Kelly/Lance's house. JC ended up coming over "to collect his child since it was way past bedtime".

In other sim news, Howie is a grump and doesn't like much of anything, or anybody. He & Lance had an ok time on their date, but when Howie called him the next day, he talked about something that pissed Lance off. ::shrugs::

Lance and Chris have begun to fall in love! They each have little pink hearts under each other's name. :) Now alll I have to do is get them to finish falling in love and decide which house they should move into. Either Joey & Kelly's (where Lance is), that house has those 3 grown-ups, plus the children Brian & Briahna. The other house is where Chris is and it has JC/Justin and their adopted sons Randall & Scott.

I'm kind of leaning towards having them live in the Joey/Kelly house. The way it's set up, it'd be easier for me to add another grown-up to it.
Plus, I'm kind of inclined towards having JC/Justin adopt another child, assuming of course that they get another phone call. I want them to have a baby girl!
Thursday, June 17th, 2004
9:33 am
Multiple household update!
Finally! Justin & JC's new adopted son, Randall, has made it out of infancy. Whereas their other adopted son (Scott) is caucasian, Randall has an asian look to him. Randall has a 0 (out of 10) for neatness, 2 for niceness, 6 for 'outgoing', 6 for activeness, and 10 for playfullness. There are some who would could look at that and argue that Randall was not adopted, and perhaps is Justin's biological son. :p Randall also is interested in aliens, toys, school (moderately so), and music.
Scott scores 6 for neatness, 8 each for outgoing, active, and nice, and a 6 for playfulness. Scott he likes pretty much just the outdoors & pets, with minor interests in school, the weather, toys, and a very minor interest in music. Scott doesn't get along with Brian (the adopted son of the Joey/Kelly/Lance household). I find this rather amusing.

Awwwww! JC must really want to give Justin a good morning kiss. I'm attempting to get all their skill areas maxed out, so Chris is busy playing piano, Justin is making preserves, and I hadn't gotten around to giving JC anything to do yet. So he got it in his head that what he needed to do was kiss Justin. He went right up to Justin, who's happily making preserves and had no idea JC was there. JC stood there, right next to Justin for a second or two, then walked a little bit away and just stood there. The gnome-making station was right there so I had JC work on his mechanical skills for a bit. He did so, but as *soon* as he's done making gnomes, he's going to go kiss Justin again (this was all his idea, I had nothing to do with it).

Both sim!boys got off to school, though it was toss up about whether or not Randall was going to stop joking with Chris soon enough to make the bus.
Randall loves to joke. Perhaps it's a good thing Chris is still in the household. *g*

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to get Chris out of the house. There are already 3 adults & 1 child in the Joey/Kelly/Lance house down the street.

Lance is starting to fall in love with Chris (he has a little pink heart underneath his picture of Chris). Chris likes Lance, but only as a friend (albiet, a very good friend).

Howie hates Chris (but not bunches, just a little), while Nick likes Chris (just a little right now).

I have NO idea what to do with these boys. They're making it so complicated for me. If Lance wasn't falling in love with Chris, then I'd have Chris hook up with Nick, and I'd try and get Howie to hook up with Lance, and they could all live happily ever after. (& Chris & Lance could move out of their respective houses and give the couples with children more room).
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
12:40 pm
Sims! New people, new house, & another new baby!!
Playing Sims again (while I stall on a chore I don't want to do).

I now have a goal to get Chris to fall in love with someone so he could move out of the Justin/JC house that very recently grew with the addition of their son Scott (JC got a phone call a few days ago asking if he wanted to adopt a baby, I said yes, and he & Justin became the proud parents of a new baby boy).

I then decided to creat the characters of Howie & Nick, and I also created a house for them to live in. Except, they weren't getting any visitors. So I switched, and started playing with the JC/Justin/Chris house so I could throw a party and hopefully get Howie & Nick to come and talk with Chris. The party, was a success and both Howie & Nick showed up. Chris' converstaion with Howie didn't go so well. It ended in a negative relationship rating. But at least now they know each other so I can invite them over, call them, and etc. Right smack dab in the middle of the party, Justin got a phone call asking if he wanted to adopt a baby! Since JC got the last phone call, I named the baby boy Scott. Well, this one was a boy too! *g* So, I named this baby boy Randall. :)

This is now one very full house. One child, one infant (soon to be child #2), JC & Justin (who are madly in love), and poor bachelor-roommate Chris.

Now I have to go through those torturous 3 days of infancy. Yuck! At least there's 3 adults in the house who can help out.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
9:21 pm
So does anyone play sims anymore? I'm just starting to get back into it :) I've missed it so!!!
Saturday, May 15th, 2004
11:21 pm
hey everyone!
new here. ive stumbled across this community and always considered joinin it. ive played sims before and i luv it. the idea of an nsync sims is absolute boss. is there an actual nsync sims game? (yea prob stupid question but i must kno) thanks for the help and forgive a newbie for being so newbie-ish lol

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Saturday, March 20th, 2004
4:45 pm
I continue to be enraptured by my Sims.

I'm not quite sure where the problem is, but each time I go to the CKB house (Chasez/Kirkpatrick/Bass) the game keeps freezing up my computer after a couple of minutes. It's a shame, because Chris and Lance were getting along so well together.

As a consequence, I've been spending a lot of time at the Timbertone house. And now Joey and Justin have a daughter, Bri. (What a surprise!)

Sim!JC continues to be a problem. He gets mostly negative reactions from everybody. He and Bri got in a spat over something, then later that evening, right after she went upstairs to go to sleep, he headed up after her, planning to scare her.

So I had Diane Pleasant (resurrected from the Christmas fire) invite JC over. They talked together a bit, then she headed off to the hot tub. Instead of following her, JC headed up the stairs, and sat watching TV in the kids room while they slept.

(I think my Sim!JC is maybe just a little creepy.)

I've just installed Superstar, and sent (a different) Chris off to sing at the karaoke bar. He danced and sang and got some applause, and Christina Aguillara stopped by to listen.
Saturday, March 13th, 2004
8:56 pm
JC is a love machine, ready 24/7 call him anytime you need him.
LOL Seems JC has 2 boys smitten for him. He's formed loving relationships with both Chris and Justin. The little 2-timing love machine. hehe

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Friday, March 12th, 2004
2:01 pm
Silly JC
I am getting the biggest kick out of my JC. First of all..the only dance he knows is the swim! LOL How funny is that. And last night he got in the hot tub with Chris and Justin and kept asking them both for a kiss and they both told him to get lost! LOL They both finally got so tired of him asking that they got out of the hot tub and left him in there alone. Poor baby. Then later that night while he was sleeping a burglar came into the house and stole his computer but he was so tired and refused to wake up. Sound like him? hehe

A funny Justin thing. Joey and Kelly came over for a visit and Justin invited Kelly into the hot tub. Joey was not very happy about that! LOL This is much much much too fun!

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